Gemscool Point Blank Indonesia

Gemscool Point blank a games that make gemscool be the first game portal in Indonesia that a lot of demand, this game is the pemaian seemed to make them work directly in a shooting game with great graphics quality seemed real. Many players so no bored bored to play this game.

 Lots of modes in PB gemscool game that you can play with two groups, namely Ct and tero usually done dlam bombing mission mode and ct is the task of maintaining a site that can not tero mamasang the bomb at the headquarters ct.

not only that which can be played even more modes that you can play like deatmact, dino, sg, awp, and all weapons. Game Point blank there are several modes that require special weapons and wearing such beberpa SG and AWP and other weapons that you can buy in the Shop, using vocher that has been provided by gemscool that you can buy.
Gemscool Point blank Indonesia

If you want to register id silakhan follow its operation below
1. Please visit the site then fill the form completely
2. Enter your personal information completely and correctly according to what you want;
3. Input your email address so that your account can be verified gemscool.
4. Just by following these steps you can play directly with ease. directly to to do battle

Forum Gemscool Indonesia

Forum Gemscool  is one of the sites provided by PT Kreon to the mania games Kreon to discuss and look for the latest info about the games that are in demand , usually discussing about how to play build community ( guild , clan ) can be done in it . usually enter many gamers who are looking for information such as events , Bug , use of title and rank , weapons , equip etc. .

 Given these forums make the troper Indonesia as the games best players even Indonesia had won international tournamen point blank . so many of the troper who compete in this game are motivated to be able to play well especially in many local events held gemscool , only to spoil the troper active .

 Of the many games that are issued by PT Kreon three games that are played most widely in Point Blank and Lost Saga . Here are a few games that is issued by gemscool are often discussed diforum .

  • Lost Saga
  • Dragon Nest
  •  Atlantica  
  • Kart Rider 
  • Free Style
  • Eligium 
  • Yulgang 
  • Cabal 
  • Mirror War
  • Age of Wushu
  • Point Blank
Forum Gemscool  

Gemscool Dizzel Online Indonesia

Gemscool Dizzel online is an online shooter game which was published posted by no.1 game portal in indonesia gemscool the offer many variations the reviews feature is interesting. for theme article "military games shooting action!" science fiction theme future where mankind has destroyed most of the great earth the protracted nuclear war as a result. the battle now going on between people remaining survivors who fight water source food and the review very limited.
Gemscool Dizzel

excellence dizzel the striking graphic quality certainly review: very good, in, then its initial game offers a wide selection of game modes character and the review is interesting!
There are some requirements to follow the Focus Group Test Dizzel Reload this, namely:
  • Having Gemscool ID. 
  • PB should be at least the rank of Major Grade
  • I. Filling the complete 
biodata ranging from Name, Email and No.Telp / HP. FGT will take place on 22-23 February 2014. For 100 lucky gamers who have been chosen, will receive a prize of 5,000 G-Cash free from Gemscool. In fact, a variety of interesting events have also been prepared with a gift that is so riveting, such as Fastest Event Finder Bug (1 Million G-Cash) and Major Competition (25 Thousand G-Cash).

to be able to login please visit the following link

Gemscool Eligium Online Indonesia

Eligium Gemscool Online Indonesia will bring players met with the demon hordes back to the surface of exile for centuries from the underground , which aims to spread fear and terror among the players . Now in the hands of the person elected , they reunite the five human nations to confront the evil forces that rise up from the underground .

Eligium will bring players met with the demon hordes back to the surface of exile for centuries from the underground , which aims to spread fear and terror among the players . Now in the hands of the person elected , they reunite the five human nations to confront the evil forces that rise up from the underground .

Eligium offers a variety of great features including quests nuanced scenario , a large number of creepy dungeon with a boss battle that requires large -scale attacks , PvP system and ranking system , Open World is open world , a unique item upgrade system , and mount that can be trained and see growth - a world full of opportunities and challenges for all the great players .
Gemscool Eligium Online Indonesia

The battle between mankind and the nation Demon has been going on for many tahun.Jumlah Demon forces very much to make mankind aware that the war can not defeat them menangkan.Menyadari big risk , their only hope for survival lies across the sea . they sailed the seas were malignant , face great danger in order to save their survival . After successfully passing the seas , they came to a continent that has been inhabited by creatures other races . Mankind Elves forge alliances with the wise , and the mysterious Silva harmonis.Di Panda is here , human beings live in peace .

But the good times did not last long . Demon bloodthirsty army again showed its fangs and attack the continent. In this time of war , not only humans who will fight , but all the races are disturbed in the continent vowed to unite against them . Hope people are saying now rely padaramalan The existence of a Chosen One who will lead the combined forces of the interracial win the battle against Demon and save the world from chaos and destruction .

Fantasy MMORPG  ELIGIUM - The Chosen One" has exceptional features which makes it different from other Gemscool MMORPG games. With a very deep gameplay and variety of features that will make you get involved in this game, you will gain tremendous experience while playing. Player can complete a wide variety of quests will take you to the amazing world with incredible detail. Boss battles against skilled you on strategies, systems and Dungeon Party is a charming, Mount and Pet, Guild, challenging PvP system, ranking system and the system of Multi-Layered Item Upgrade all together in this game to create an exciting gaming experience that is not you will forget.

Gemscool Dragon Nest Indonesia

Gemscool Dragon Nest is a 3D action RPG, based on the "Eternity" self-developed engine and allow pictures or graphics are very clear and good in view. This game is a new generation of action RPG that gives a very agile movement and dynamic in its gameplay. Generation Action RPG that has never existed before Dragon Nest can use the navigation combo with WASD keyboard and mouse, which is used to control FPS games, so make seoranga player to be able to move more swiftly and quickly to the shifting point of view. Furthermore if the movements at the game are made by taking into account several factors such as the movement of the characters, monsters response and the interaction with the surrounding environment, the player can take advantage of full-combo to perform combo attacks with dynamic to the monster using the Mouse and Keyboard.

Attractive and Design Level berteka-tekiPada regular game, you enter the combat area and defeat all the enemies in the zone to complete the relevant folder and advance to the next round. Level Design at Dragon Nest step ahead of it and leads the player to solve puzzles given to be able to proceed to the next stage. The puzzles include opening certain doors or activate an instrument or tool, such as that of the Console Action Adventure Game on. - Gameplay PanjangDragon Term Nest is an RPG with an emphasis on character development. With experience points, Gold and items of battle, players-players can make their character unique and different from the other characters.
Dragon Nest

Character progression goes along with the story of Dragon Nest To give a different color to the player other than repeating the battle and dungeon without a clear purpose , then Dragon Nest provide a solid background story which is realized through the Main / Side Quest . Special events equipped with video to maximize the role players, making them wonder what will happen next and motivate them to continue the quest.

Unification Server  Gemscool, Auto Channel Placement Dragon Nest automatically puts the user in the appropriate channels . This technology minimizes lagging even while many players are playing simultaneously , and the player is also able to meet with new people .. This prevents automated placement player gameplay is interrupted due to the performance of the PC players will be lighter . It also resulted in the light performance of the server , minimizing the possibility of lagging , so discomfort player when many other players who play will be reduced . A system has been used which will help the player to find a party and a friend , no longer need berjanjian with friends to meet somewhere

Control characters are 'Flexible' By using the WASD-mouse combo, which is used by the control FPS games, Dragon Nest allows the player to move quickly view and character. And also, in addition to keyboard and mouse, Dragon Nest also supports the use of a gamepad for gamers who are used to playing console. how to quickly enter the server you can do so by following a link

Gemscool Atlantica Online Indonesia

Gemscool Atlantica Indonesia Online battle system is the classic battle system of the game RPG , which is turn based . Not only fighting by attacking the enemy directly , but by relying on strategies and tactics that will make every fight has a variety of ways and strategies to win .

Mercenary Recruitment System Atlantian (call for players of Atlantica Online Indonesia ) can recruit 8 of 21 Mercenary ( and will get ) to participate in an adventure together . Find the right combination of mercenary could launch an attack to death , and found the opponent's weaknessesOpenness Mastery Town / GovernmentAtlantian can form a guild that can later be used for control of a city . When the successful control of the town , Atlantian can also set the condition of the city itself , including security settings , culture , industry , commerce , health , and development planning of the building . When the master Atlantian city , Atlantian can become the supreme leader ( King ) who has the ability and the powers that are not possessed by the other players . Atlantian can invite other people , or other guilds to come into power nationnya , and can challenge other nation war .
Gemscool Atlantica Online Indonesia

Gemscool  Atlantica Online Indonesia Economic system that can provide the conditions determined by the player . Players can create a ( crafting ) own almost all war gear and other items after collecting materials for crafting adventure . Atlantica developed to create ' demand ' and make ' inventory ' of materials needed as a way to stabilize the economy General information

Crafting ItemTo do crafting an item,
 you need to have some skill is required. Learning to Perform Crafting Learning from NPC crafting items. You can have the skills of a particular item crafting NPCs. For the first 10 levels in a skill, you can learn - [Crafting Treatment]. [Crafting Armor], [Crafting Food], [Crafting Helmet] of Cai Lun near Hong Kong. Learn [Crafting Armor] of Kum Hual Li, and [Crafting Weapons] from Gan Jang. Pass on knowledge [Player That Has Experienced In Crafting] You can get a crafting skill of other players who are in the [Community] [Artisan] in the game. Since this is the official fansite Indonesian AO , grammar guarded yes please :)
gemscool atlantica 
* You will gain experience points when crafting items passing skills. (100% will be used)*

crafting Item method Click to see a list of the crafting skills in the Game Menu [My Information] [Skill Information] Select the column you want to craft items. Items that can be produced will be displayed based on skill craftingmu. Select an item to see the materials needed to craft.

crafting Itemmethod

Click to see a list of the crafting skills in the Game Menu [ My Information ] [ Skill Information ] Begin Crafting After having all the ingredients , click [Start Crafting ] and you will see the rating status bar at the top left . Rating value directly proportional between the number of fights that have been carried out with the making of the required load . The more battles you do will raise the rating . Item will be created when the rating reaches 100 % . * If the storage closet is full , items that are made will go to the Mailbox .

Improve Crafting Level You will gain experience points when you do crafting items . If points craftingmu experience are qualified to ascend to the next level , you can raise your level . Increasing levels Skillmu Crafting can be done by learning the skill of crafting items NPCs or other players . Select the column you want to craft items . Items that can be produced will be displayed based on skill craftingmu . Select an item to see the materials needed to craft .
how to login at you can do here

Gemscool Lost Saga Indonesia

Gemscool lost saga  - a game of gemscool game in which the hero uses a wide variety that you can choose and you can use as your favorite hero that you can buy in the shop that has been provided in this game , for the game mode you can choose as you wish venom that many The prisoners played dimode , deatmact , zombies , power stone , boss , fishing , and other relics .

Tips interesting to play these games you have to choose a hero that can be made to do a swap combo that can knock out enemies quickly and does not move the way you play , it's best if you can not do a combo then select some and heroes to attack the hero who has running speed and agile while playing Lost saga Indonesia . It can petrify you when besieged on playing until the wait time dt .
Gemscool Lost Saga

Where all the heroes will have blood with a value of 0 then kalain should be able to utilize certain time to kill all the enemies . for that you have to learn the speed and accuracy of hand position also requires you to remember that you use the first hero in the hero skill . Now that's how to play lost saga for guys who want to play please register and create an account to get the id that you can use to play .